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Meg in David Ames Award Winning Film Misfits

Apr 26, 2011
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Over spring break I headed to Myrtle Beach, SC with a great cast and crew to shoot the movie MISFITS playing the role of Rachel. We had a blast and the film is going to be awesome! Here’s the synopsis: On a hot summer’s day, a hitchhiker and the driver who picked him up find The Misfit, an escaped serial killer, in the trunk of their car. Believing a bounty hunter is on their tail, a karmic dilemma begins as tensions rise along with the humidity.

Some back story on the film.

Misfits is the 2011 recipient of Ithaca College’s David Ames Award and with that honor comes a gargantuan amount of responsibility.  Dave Pilson, writer and co-director of Misfits, has crafted an original and zany script, full of twist turns and we want to do it complete justice.  This is the third year of the David Ames Award, with the previous two recipients being given an additional $5,000 from the school to produce the film. This year however, the college has decided not to match the generous $5,000 from David Ames, leaving us with much less money to produce the film.  We have assembled one of the best crews that Ithaca College has to offer (see below), and everyone involved wants to see Misfits be brought to life with the same quality as the previous winners of the award. That’s why we need your help!


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